Environment Activity

Environment : KIOCL Ltd certified with ISO – 14001 : 2004

The road to development need not be paved with ecological disaster. Kudremukh has shown the way. From the formulation stage itself, the Company has displayed its keen commitment towards environment and ecology. The Company had built a 100-meter high earth-fill pollution Control dam across the Lakya tributary at Kudremukh to store Iron Ore tailings and water requirement for plant process during mining operations which in turn prevents pollution of the river Bhadra.

2 No.s of Rock fill mini dams were constructed across two major mine valleys to arrest mine wash joining river Bhadra during the mining operations at Kudremukh in monsoon. These silted materials were de-silted after monsoon and were fully recycled in the process. This activity was in operation up to year 2005.

To establish an eco-friendly environment, stringent measures have been taken to ensure good environmental standards since inception. The Mangalore operations of the Company is divided into two parts : The Pellet Plant Unit and The Blast Furnace Unit.

Environment protection and eco restoration activities at KIOCL Limited.

  1. Planted around 7.5 million saplings in and around mine area at Kudremukh.
  2. Water head at Lakya dam is being used for drawing water for plant process requirement at Mangalore instead of pumping after the closure of mining activity at Kudremukh.
  3. 80 KLD capacity STP has been commissioned and treated effluent is recycled in the process.
  4. The waste water generated in the process is treated and is completely recycled in the process. Pellet Plant unit is a Zero discharge unit. 
  5. The Captive Power plant of 28 MW capacity is being operated using low Sulphur Furnace oil to reduce the Sulphur emissions.
  6. The DG Sets have been provided with acoustic enclosures to reduce the Noise levels.
  7. The process chimneys have been provided with control equipments such as Wet scrubbers, Multi clones and Bag filters.
  8. Slurry pumps have been installed to pump back the storm water to the process.
  9. Mist type sprinklers and Large area type sprinklers have been installed at various locations in the plant to suppress the fugitive dust emissions.
  10. The solid wastes generated in the plant premises is composted and used as manure.
  11. The Hazardous wastes are segregated at source and stored in closed sheds category wise. These wastes are sold to agencies authorised by CPCB and KSPCB.
  12. The scrap lead acid Batteries, E-wastes, Bio medical wastes are disposed as per the requirements prescribed in the relevant Acts.
  13. Plantation activity is taken up every year with in the plant premises and neighbouring areas around Mangaluru.
  14. Action has been taken to implement energy efficient lighting systems such as Solar and LED in the plant areas.
  15. At the Blast Furnace Unit, the process has in-built online Dust Catcher and Gas Cleaning Plant for processing the gases generated in the Blast Furnace. Further, the CO gas, which is a by-product of Blast Furnace, is not let out to the atmosphere but effectively utilised to generate power in our 2 x 3.5 MW Captive Power Plant. A part of this gas is also used to preheating process air at stoves.
  16. As part of World Environment Day celebrations, awareness programmes on relevant environmental issues are being conducted every year for the employees.
  17. A full fledged Environment cell consisting of Senior officers reviews the Pollution Control activities Quarterly to ensure compliance of the Environmental Legislations prescribed by the regulatory authorities.