Mangaluru Pellet Plant

Pellet Plant

A 3.5 MTPA Pellet Plant based on LURGI Straight Grate process is in operation at Mangaluru, since 1987. The process of palletization involves mixing of Iron Ore Concentrate with Limestone, Bentonite, Coke as additives for improving the Physical and Metallurgical properties of Pellets.

The mixed material is fed to pelletizing discs of 7.5 meter dia for production of green pellets, which are screened on Double Decker roller screen to remove the un-sized material.

The sized green pellets are fed to the indurating machine of 492 Sq meter grate area. The green pellets are dried, pre-heated fired at high temperature and cooled in the indurating machine. The pellets after screening to remove the undersized materials are conveyed to a stockpile.

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Captive Power Plant

KIOCL ltd has two captive power plants. One at Pellet Plant Unit and the other at Blast Furnace Unit. At Pellet Plant, there are three DG sets having maximum capacity rating of 9.36 MW each. They are run by low Sulphur furnace oil.      

At the BF Unit, two DG sets of 3.5 MW are run by the hot gas generated by the Blast Furnace.