Products Overview


KIOCL’s Iron Ore Pellets conform to international standards, making them ideal for hi-tech steel plants anywhere in the world. As a result of latest production techniques and constant Research and Development efforts and adopting innovative technology to improve quality, the KIOCL product is the choice of quality conscious consumers. KIOCL’s total quality movement is an assurance to the very best it can offer. Right from the beginning what set KIOCL was its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. It is this consciousness for quality that propelled KIOCL to achieve the ISO certifications.  

KIOCL   pellets have been used in blast furnaces of steel mills in Australia,  China,  Japan, Taiwan, Turkey and a host of other countries. Our pellets have also  been  used  in  steel  plants of Hungary, Yugoslavia, USA, West Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Indonesia and in some of the direct reduction plants in India. In all an excellent material for steel production in blast furnaces and direct reduction plants.

Pig Iron

KIOCL’s Blast Furnace Unit sources high quality Iron ore lumps and with high quality coke and superior quality inputs produces premium grade of Pig Iron and a cost effective raw material for the foundry industry of the country for production of superior grade and high precision castings. Currently Pig Iron Plant is Under Upgradation.